Saturday, July 2, 2011

Valerie's Cottage - "Operation Decoration"

It has been a busy week... my friend Wendy was in town and we thrifted like there was no tomorrow.  The one thing I learned from thriting this week:  Bring snacks and need energy and thrifting is exhausting !

The big project of the week was Valerie's Cottage.  My friend Valerie moved to this really sweet cottage in May and has been so busy that she hasn't had a chance to really get it together .  Valerie is one of those people that you can always count on ... you could ask her to help you paint every room of a 10 room house and she would say , " Sure...after I get home from school ( she's a special ed aid ) , walk 10 dogs ( a side business) and frame for an hour (she does the framing for a custom framer)."...and she would want to do the trim "because I am short !" (everybody hates to do the trim) .  She is the best and I couldn't resist the temptation to help her out.

The first purchase was a white wicker chair for $4.99 and wicker side table for $3.99 -both were in great shape and just needed a coat of spray paint.  I painted them a color called Wildflower Blue...I am not a "blue" person but this color is really pretty.  Next was a magazine rack for $1.99 ... it looked like a grandpa had made it - perfect for a cottage and I painted it the same blue.  Found a nice brass standing lamp for $5.99.

I found an amazing cabinet for $16.00.  It is a china cabinet and is a nice petite size which was perfect for her small space.  The TV fits perfectly in it and all of the components fit in the bottom and there is a drawer which is perfect for junk.

Next, I painted and recovered a directors chair that our friend Kathy had found.  Used a nice white to paint it and covered the original canvas with a really beautiful girly fabric that brought all of the colors together.  Hung up the pictures that her mother had painted years ago . Made a couple of pillows and there you go....Operation Decoration! (just need to find a few things to make it really homey)

So I spent $32.96 on furniture, $12.00 on spray paint and used fabric I already had.  Round it up to  $45.00 for the start of a really nice room.  Living artfully with thrifted items...perfect !

Forgot the curtains on the Ikea shelves in the kitchen - super cute and functional.

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