Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vintage Dresses and All That Jazz

Today my friend Jan sent me a text and asked if I wanted to thrift with her...I never say no to thrifting !  She was on the hunt for some vintage dresses for her gigs ... she is a wonderful jazz singer....check out her CD at www.janfindlay.com.

We shopped at  2 Unique Thrift Stores and a Sallies.  As usual I came away with the most finds.  I scored a 70's light blue knit dress ( $5.99) that makes me look a bit like a gypsy...I had to have it.  Jan found a trapeze dress  at the second Unique with a wild print ($5.99) , she didn't think she could make it work for her so I snagged that baby and vowed to wear it to one of her gigs. (check out the photos)

We had a great 4 hours of thrifting, I just wish we could have found some vintage dresses for Jan. I am looking forward to the barn sale in Chester, NJ that Jan was telling me about and we can't forget the Morrow Church sale in Maplewood , NJ.

Get out there and thrift and create a unique , fabulous wardrobe  for yourself - break all the rules!!

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