Sunday, July 3, 2011

Art of Thrift Gift

Before I start this I want to make sure you check out my last post - Valerie's Cottage - Operation Decoration.  You can find it in the archives on the right.

Check out .  Chester County Cottage Girl's birthday was last Sunday and I found the perfect gift for her.  Grandma's China !!  that is what I call it when you find those pretty dishes with flowers on them. 4 plates, 4 side plates, 4 sets of cups and saucers.  I also found frilly napkins that someone paid a ridiculous price for at Anthropology and then decided they didn't like them so they ended up at the thrift store unused with the tags still on them

The breakdown - China = $13.16....Napkins = $5.99 (for 4)...a basket to put it all in = .99 cents....for a grand total of $20.14.  And she loved it !!!  

Be creative and thrift !  make your next gift a work of creative expression -  
make an Art of Thrift Gift !

P.S.  Happy Birthday Kelly !

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