Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shagadelic Frock! and Retro Fireplace

Que the Austin Powers music ! Check out this super cool pantsuit.  Absolutely fabulous....looks like a long dress but it is pants.  I can see myself at one of my house parties in this outfit...cocktail in in a fall ( ask your mom what that is) and a headband.  Groovy.

Check out the photo with the orange retro fireplace.  It was FREE....what?...FREE.!  Wendy , again, got it from a guy in West Chester, PA that she bought a bunch of old doors from. It was black and rusty and I panted it this great orange color.  I actually had one of these in my basement growing up in Greenwood, Indiana.  Who knew it would be so cool?!  ours had a heater and faux wood...mine has a TV with a yule log dvd...whatever works...right?

Pick, thrift and junk...have no shame when it comes to rescuing the things that others have discarded...breathe new life into it and make it your own.  Live artfully.

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