Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alexander McQueen - Creative Inspiration

On Friday I went on a journey with my friend Kristin to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We took a mid-town direct train to Penn Station at 7:39 and then took a taxi that dropped us at the steps of the Met  at 8:45...there was already a line but we were in a good position on the steps.  As the time past the line grew and grew and we were ( and still are) patting ourselves on the back for getting there early.

When the doors opened at 9:30 and we entered the museum and exhibit, it was already crowded...but we were in !!! and from the moment I entered the exhibit I was in awe of what I was seeing and the emotions and energy I was feeling from every piece of art was overwhelming.  Total artistic expression and craftsmanship at it's best.  I wanted  to  touch every piece of material and finger every seam and walk around every mannequin .  Despite the mob scene most of us are quiet and respectful, as one should be in the presence of such heartbreakingly beautiful and challenging art.

There is one part of the exhibit were there is a hologram , it starts as a point of light like a Tinker Bell and grows to an image of Kate Moss wearing a beautiful white gown.  You are watching this right in front of you and it is so incredibly real and the theme from "Schindler's List "is playing...and then you turn around and there  is that gown...beautiful in all of it's creative energy ...glowing... I was misty at that moment...the genius of what was in front of me was overwhelming.  The whole exhibit took me away like that ... and I felt sorrow in the loss of such a creative genius.

and you would ask...what does this have to do with the Art of Thrift???  I would only say that it inspired me to be myself...Alexander McQueen took inspiration from all around him, nature, culture, his heritage ...It gave me permission to break the mold of what is right and wrong in fashion and design and life. I can be that arty, thrifty girl who junks and picks....I can be true to my own form of self expression, I never wanted to follow the crowd anyway and creative energy in every form is exciting!  Thrifting gives me the freedom to try new things and break the mold without breaking the bank...EXPRESS YOURSELF !

P.S   I did some sewing today...inspired to create...thank you Alexander McQueen.

Savage Beauty- Alexander McQueen - Metropolitan Museum of Art

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