Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dishes and Barware - Georges Briard

On a recent thrifting  trip I found these great dishes ( they match my house perfectly) that are by the 50's , 60's and 70's designer Georges Briard .

Georges Briard (1917-2005) is most well known for his signature dishes and glassware.  He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago . ( I am finding out that a lot of the great designers of Mid-Century art, furniture, etc. studied at the Art Institute of Chicago....I feel another blog post idea coming on...) Briard was an immigrant from Russia and served in the U.S. Army throughout WWII as a Russian interpreter and was on General Patton's staff, he was discharged in 1947.  He then began painting metal serving trays and eventually became a commercial designer and his designs where popular and numerous.  His designs were sold at Neiman Marcus and Bonwit Teller and has received several awards for his designs.

The dishes I found and paid just $1.91 each for, are from the pattern called Carousel - I will be looking for more pieces of this pattern...I love the colors.  The ice bucket - very 70's - is another find for $3.99.  When looking for comps on Ebay the dishes have a range of $6.99 per plate to $49.99 for 4 and the ice bucket ranges from $9.00 - $99.00 depending on the style.

Another successful thrifting trip !!  and a cheap hobby !  I love the hunt and finding great things and the extra bonus is, you can turn it into a learning experience by researching the designers that you find ... learn something new on your next thrifting trip!

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