Thursday, June 7, 2012

Did you miss me??

I'm baaaaaaaaack !!  I took a little break after moving in December and I am ready to jump into the pool.
Tonight is the start of something great....fingers crossed.

My friends have heard me talk about my idea for a store see I am the idea girl, the dreamer.  Daydreaming about it, going to bed and dreaming about it, waking up and thinking about it, going for a walk and thinking about it, making notes about it, designing plans for it.  Like many creative people, I can't get past the dreaming ...but tonight I  get to try out my idea.

It is Girls Night Out in Maplewood, NJ and my friend Geralyn has offered me a space in her art studio to try out my Reclaimed Style and The Art of Thrift idea.  One night only...make it or break it.  If it works, it is a start.  I am excited ! You would think that I would be a bit nervous but I am not.  I have a strange sense of is all going to work out.

Will keep you posted on that and check out my blog every Monday...I have some great finds to share with you from thrifting in Pennsylvania, Houston and Rome.

Make it a great day!!  Dreams can come true. ( Thanks Geralyn)