Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Goodies - Ferragamo Shoes and Dead Woman Walking

First let me tell you about the Goodwill Outlet Stores(Goodies)...you see the Outlet puts new stuff from all of the local stores out everyday, this is the last chance for the items to be sold.  Clothing items are .85 cents, coats are $2.00 and shoes are $1.75... crazy !!  but you have to be willing to dig.  Why do we do it?... because sometimes you come away with the most amazing finds.

I was shopping with my BFF Wendy and my Dad at a Goodies Outlet Store in Pennsylvania.  Wendy and I had spent a couple of hours going through every bin ... searching, tossing things aside and throwing things in our carts.  It is a crazy process but we love it and there is a method to the madness...Wendy goes down one side and I go down the other...we go through the bins, talk, laugh, throw things in our carts for us and everyone we know and then we sort through it at the end..."I thought you would like this"...."something vintage for you"...."something perfect for Ernie (a friend that lives by Wendy)."  And it goes on like that until we have narrowed it down to the days treasures.

On this day my Dad was with us and he would take breaks from us and we wouldn't see him for a while and then he would be back to check on us ( amazed that we were still at it).  We had had enough and  were just about ready to check out and we thought twice about taking on the huge pile of shoes that was piled over our heads.  My Dad decided to tackle this with us and he asked what we were looking for..."nothing in particular...just good quality shoes." (shoes are iffy...you never know... it is worth a look-see though) So my Dad , who is 6'3" reaches down in the middle of the pile and comes out with a pair of beautiful Ferragamo T-Strap shoes..."What about these?" he says.  Wendy and I almost tackle my Dad for those shoes...we could not believe that he found them! We were giddy ! Those shoes were so beautiful and hardly worn and for some reason we were convinced there were more in that pile...and there were...I have 5 pair and Wendy has 2 pair of $300+ Ferragamo Shoes.

A very classy woman, who had most likely passed away, had her whole shoe collection donated to Goodies and we were the lucky ones to find it... and that is why we call it Dead Woman Walking !

Oh what fun we had ... get out and dig...there are treasures to be found !

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