Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thrifting for Fall Fashion - I am so in for the season !!

My sister Allison has this amazing ability to spot good quality fabric, tailoring and designer labels in a sea of thrift shop clothes.  She honed her skill at Neiman- Marcus while working at the Estee Lauder counter in Chicago...I am sure every lunch break was spent looking and touching every garment on the designer floor and almost certain she spent almost every paycheck there...with all of those beautiful clothes and a could she resist!

Allison and I were thrifting at a  Goodwill store on one of my visits to Houston and she spotted a dress from across the store ... she made a B line for it.  It so happens it was a dress by Escada which is one of those super expensive fashion houses that makes beautiful clothes.  The dress is black and white , it has a nice shape and a beautiful back with buttons at the neck...a cut out ....and more buttons.  Did I mention it is was my size and it was $9.99.

I almost did not buy it (silly me) is kind of shiny...but in New York you can wear anything ! and today while looking through the New York Times fall fashion magazine I came across a dress by Salvatore Ferragamo that looks an awful lot like my $9.99 dress.  It seems that I am in style for fall without breaking the bank...Thrifting saves the day (and my bank account ) again !  Thanks Allison !
The front

The back

A nice clothing line !

Fall 2011 Fashion - I am so ahead of the game !!

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