Friday, August 12, 2011

The $2.99 Chair Project ( I mention the word 12 times)

I am back from my fishing trip and now back to creative thinking and projects.  As of this moment I have a  workroom full of projects ...pants and dresses that need to be hemmed and tailored, an unfinished buggy project,  a mid century screen door idea/ project and don't forget my creative outdoor space project!!!  If you are a creative person you know that if you have too many projects going at one time you don't get anything done ... and those projects sit there until you finally sort it out in your brain and you figure out where to begin.

With that said....while on my first thrifting trip since vacation I found this very nice leather and wood chair for $2.99 .  The seat is torn but the bones are good. It is not my style but since I have never reupholstered a piece of furniture I thought it would be a nice PROJECT ! Did I say PROJECT ?  Here I go again...the good thing about this blog is that it keeps me moving on my projects ...  something to write about and you ask me how my projects are coming along and that keeps me working on them.

Better get going and work on a project...FYI:  photos coming of the outdoor space...I did get something done  on it - not completely finished but the ideas are flooding out! 
My creative mind never stops...just wish my energy level could keep up with it !
The Back - not in bad shape

Nice Legs !!

The reason it's a PROJECT !!

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  1. Hi Miss Meijuene,

    Kathy are finishing up out Vegas Project and now have to complete our packing project and our flying home project. See you soon.

    G and K